Dictator Defense

Dictator Defense 1.0.29

Military Tower Defense-style game


  • Good graphics
  • Fun timewaster
  • Lots of levels


  • Monotonous
  • Very limited trial version


Dictator Defense is a Tower Defense-style game for Symbian phones. Your mission is to help your army protect your homeland against marauding guerrilla invaders.

Like all Tower Defense games, Dictator Defense challenges you to construct a frontier of soldiers, weapons, and obstructions in order to stop the enemy from reaching your base. There are seven different types of army units that will come after you, and they are quite imaginatively conceived.

Controlling Dictator Defense is a very simple point-and-click affair, and there are plenty of training levels to help get you started. There are 40 different levels in total, set across four different worlds, so there's plenty of gameplay in here.

The graphics in Dictator Defense are fairly good, with some fun explosion effects and interesting looking characters.

The trouble with Dictator Defense is that it gets very repetitive, as you'll find with many games of this genre. For a Tower Defense game to hold your interest (like Plants vs Zombies does, for example) it needs to have lots of different kinds of weapons, enemies, bonus games and the like. Unfortunately, Dictator Defense is left wanting somewhat in this area.

We should also point out that this trial version of Dictator Defense is very limited. You can only try the game five times, and then for only a few minutes per go.

Dictator Defense is a fun way to kill a few minutes, but it's too repetitive to have any lasting appeal.

Dictator Defense


Dictator Defense 1.0.29

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